Stylish daylight delivery

Form and function combined for optimal daylight diffusion.

Integrated Solar Electric Module

Stored energy powers smart NightLight which automatically comes on at night.

Spectralight Infinity Tubing

Tubing made of the world's most reflective material.

Raybender 3000 Technology

A patented daylight-capturing dome lens.

Solatube 160ISn Solatube 290ISn Solatube 160ds Solatube 290ds Solatube 160ds hvhz Solatube 290ds hvhz Solatube SkyVault Series M74ds core with collector daylighting system Solatube SkyVault Series M74ds core with collector daylighting system Solatube 300 closed ceiling Solatube 300 open large Solatube 330 closed large Solatube 750 closed large


Designed to provide superior performance for virtually every daylighting application. Imagine being able to take daylight where you never thought possible. This breakthrough technology provide architects and engineers the ability to design daylight into every sustainable design project.

Solatube Daylighting Systems use breakthrough optical technologies to pipe pure, natural light. From sunup to sundown, daylight is captured by our patented rooftop dome and transferred through the world's most reflective tubing. The Interior-mounted solar cells panel collects store the sun's energy to power a Smart NightLight that automatically comes on after dark. Specially designed fixture lenses then evenly disperse sunlight throughout your room, creating a beautiful, naturally lit space.