January 2012

The strong trend towards a low carbon future opened a market for accessible and efficient energy upgrades for both residential and industrial purposes. In answer to that call, Philippine Geogreen Inc. was established as a resource for green and sustainable products. The company tapped into its network of ace manufacturers, providing the Philippine market with a stellar line of award winning fixtures and solutions for different applications.

Philippine Geogreen Inc. partnered with the foremost authorities in sustainable and green innovations, offers an array of premium brands. Two have been acclaimed by Sustainable Industries (an independent publication) as top 10 Green Building Products. Solatube Daylighting Systems holds the distinction of having earned the citation for two years ina row. The company is a pioneer in the technology of harnessing daylight, providing high quality interior illumination that is energy efficient and affordable. Big Ass Fans were also voted as one of the top 10 Green Building Products, and continues to cool a diverse range of public and private spaces worldwide. The sleek fans are capable of moving massive amounts of air in huge spaces, reducing dependence on traditional energy-draining cooling systems. Sol Inc. is a 20-year old veteran of solar- powered outdoor lighting technology. It is a recognised world leader in solar LED outdoor lighting solutions, with extensive installations in 60 countries. Topps Products Inc. is a leading manufacturer of a world-class line of roof coatings, roof repair and building maintenance products. The company's Topps Seal deflects the harsh tropical sun's rays, effectively cooling the surface and interior of a structure. The special top coat also provides protection which translates to an extended roof life.

The repercussions of climate change resulted in a collective public awakening and the emergence of a new generation that favours the shift towards a more responsible lifestyle. In the corporate world, business leaders are taking aggressive steps towards responsive corporate citizenship, creating policies that achieve a healthy balance between the bottom line goals and reducing their carbon footprints. Philippine Geogreen Inc. provides optimum product choices that ensure savings with minimal impact on the environment. More and more homes are enjoying the benefits of comfort powered by green brands. Blue chip companies such as Unilever Philippines, Procter & Gamble and Kraft Foods are retrofitting their facilities with Philippine Geogreen Inc’s low-impact cooling and daylighting systems.

Philippine Geogreen Inc. continues to grow, in terms of their market, and the outstanding products they offer. It is an expansion driven by a strong vision and anchored on a passionate advocacy for a greener world.

Big Ass Fans are the highest quality, most meticulously engineered High Volume / Low Speed fans on the planet.

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Solatube Daylighting Systems bring natural daylight into interior spaces without the heat.