THE DRIVE TO GO GREEN continues to drive innovation and create amazing new products. One company is bringing into the Philippines some of these new technologies, including mechanisms for directing daylight into the home, moving air on a large scale, and using solar power for outdoor lighting.

Philippine Geogreen, Inc. was established to meet the construction industry's demand for sustainable and environmentally responsible building products. The owners, having practiced in construction-related in- dustries in New York City for over 10 years, were surprised to find that the best green and energy saving products readily available in the U.S. and all over the world were hard to find in the Philippines. This realization led to the birth of Philippine Geogreen,Inc. Now that the green movement is slowly gaining momentum in the country, the company has found its place in the sun.

Green Solutions is the authorized country distributors for three of some of the best energy saying fixtures in the US, from Solatube Daylighting Systems, Big Ass Fans and Sol Inc.

Solatube Daylight Systems provides unique systems of lighting which provide daylight indoors. The Brighten Up Series Day- lighting Systems are a cost-effective way to bring natural light to virtually any room of your home. It uses breakthrough technology to achieve amazing performance results while the SolaMaster Series provides architects and designers a comprehensive selection of day- lighting options for virtually every application. Whether it’s daylighting a large warehouse or integrating into a closed ceiling grid, the So- latube SolaMaster Series allows you to bring daylight to virtually every space.

Big Ass Fans is the creator of Powerfoil X, the strongest, most adaptable industrial Big Ass Fan on earth, The 8 to 24-ft. Pow- erfoil X was designed to provide the most reliable industrial air movement solution for large spaces.

Sol Inc. is the largest firm solely dedicated to the design and manufacturing of solar

FEBRUARY —-MARCH 2010 outdoor lighting solutions. Some of their products are the Solar LED Area & Security Lighting, the Solar LED Street & Roadway Lighting, the Solar LED Sign & Billboard Lighting and the Solar LED Transit and Shelter Lighting.

Philippine Geogreen Inc. will keep on working to bring developers, builders and homeowners cutting-edge technology from all over the world. This is only the beginning, as the company will continue to add the best green products to its line-up and make them locally available.

Philippine Geogreen Inc. is located at 85 Kamuning Road, Quezon City, Philippines tel: 332-2657 and 928-6627, email: contact@